FasterCapital is a new type of incubator. It was conceptualized in 2010 as NextStep System. The founders remarked that there are several weaknesses in incubators worldwide. These weaknesses are leaving an important segment of entrepreneurs with no help. It is also affecting the success rate of startups as many don't raise enough money at the right time which is a major cause for failure.
Our incubator is shifting toward more involvement in the start in becoming a cofounder and co-funder. As a cofounders we work with entrepreneurs on developing the software side of the startup (mobile, web). As co-funders, we co-fund the startup and get larger equity in it. With FasterCapital The entrepreneurs are not left alone and the incubator is ready to support the startup and finance it over a period of one to two years until it starts to generate income.
As an incubator we provide idea validation, feasibility study, market analysis, product development, help in sales/marketing, mentorship and financial help until the startup is cashflow positive.
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